colin robert moore, d.c.

wellness consultant,

structural & energy practitioner

We all feel it in our own ways.
With such rapid economic, political and social change, how could we not?

Some of us feel it as tightness between the shoulders, shallow breathing, an edgy stomach and poor quality sleep. Others as emotionally addictive behaviour, distraction, uncertainty, aggression and anxiety.

It is clear that we don’t flow as we once did. Living with obvious and subtle stress has us detached from our living experience.

There are answers, there are always answers, and this time, science has caught up with what healers have known for centuries:

Healing and change is not possible in stress mode.
A prerequisite for change and healing is living in creation mode.

I believe that we were born to be joyful, to sing, to dance, to love, to laugh, to breathe… to be well. I also believe that mostly we know the road to that place but sometimes need help getting back on it. I want to be part of your journey back to that place.

May you experience Life Fully and in Abundance,