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A re-active philosophy

‘waiting until something breaks down and reacting’

the most common approach to our most valuable, most important asset, also the least logical, most dramatic and dangerous
a fear and symptom vs a cause based philosophy

Pro-active philosophy

‘doing some to achieve a desired result and avoid another’

brushing our teeth, not because they hurt, but because we understand the consequences if we don’t.
the consequences of poor spinal hygiene can be revisited in chiropractic – a conversation
wellness as a pro-active philosophy, something we teach, has a feel of beauty to it.


The big picture

1. We were born to be healthy

20% of our health concerns are genetic and 80% are caused by our lifestyle, e.g. how we think, eat, excercise and rest.

2. The brain and nervous system control ALL function


our quality of life is determined by the quality of our body, the quality of the conversation between our brain and body & our ability to break the stress cycle

3. The spine is the ‘highway’ upon which the nervous system travels


4. the chiropractors goal is to improve structure, improving the ‘conversation’, breaking the stress cycle and accordingly improving your quality of life.


What is the cause of your symptoms?


Chiropractors call the cause of your problem a subluxation. It is in reality an obstacle or blockage that interferes with your bodies innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate. this blockage of nerve flow is caused by improper spinal biomechanics, poor posture or movement.

How do you get blockages?

From the living experience, from the moment of birth and continuing to our current lifestyle choices and how these choices translate into emotional, chemical, physical and spiritual stress in our bodies. this is especially true with our current reality.

How do you get rid of them?

By modifying our lifestyles to limit the amount of stress the body has to succumb and by seeing body workers who are dedicated to removing the manifestations of stress in our bodies.

Is a blockage, a subluxation dangerous?

For me, anything that takes us further away from our natural state and a condition of health is serious. from what i have seen over 26 years of practice, a blocage, a subluxation is an energy vacuum that speeds up spinal degeneration, facilitates dis-ease by disturbing our internal neurological and chemical balance and robs us slowly of living life fully.


The chiropractic process



Fee schedule

Initial 3 visit protocol – 100 euros

Follow up visits:

Option 1 – per visit – 20 euros per visit
(except for emergency visits or house calls)

Option 2 – per month – individuals – 100 euros
                                                – couples and families – 150 euros

If none of these options fit into your budget, speak to dr. moore to find a solution