My earliest memories revolved around hunting fake crocodiles in our makeshift swimming pool in Africa and strangely, a desire to help people to live life fully. I believe this desire drew me first toward education and then to chiropractic. Not knowing what chiropractic was, but knowing innately that I was meant to be one, took me from South Africa to America to discover what it was. I received a subtle and perception-altering adjustment 3 weeks into my chiropractic studies from the late Dr. John Grostic, and understood in that moment what my path was. I have not regretted a single day of practice since and can’t imagine ever doing so. Over the years, I realised that body work was very effective but that addressing comprehensively the reasons for the body work was an important component. I developed a series of wellness lectures and have taken on the responsibility of wellness consultant, structural and energy practitioner. This combination of teaching and specific body work, focused on helping patients live in the creation vs stress mode, has allowed for faster and more sustainable changes, physically and emotionally. I never take for granted the opportunity I have been given to share what I have been given, to improve someone’s quality of life – rather, I welcome the responsibility and consider myself privileged to be able to do so. My desire for people to live life fully is as strong now as when I was child.

Dr. Moore was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated from Pinelands High School and studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town where he received a BA and a Higher Diploma in Education. He received a scholarship to study chiropractic in America where he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic diploma in 1990. While in private practice in Florida, he served as President of the West Coast Chiropractic Association, was the chiropractor to the Performing Arts Center and received the Junior Leadership Award in Florida in 2001. Upon moving to France, he was involved with coaching at Montpellier- Herault rugby club where he also served on the medical team, as chiropractor for the first team. He currently has a wellness practice in the South of France, near Carcassonne, where when not seeing patients, he helps Annie run the family Bed & Breakfast.